• 2021.6Sunward factory inspection team inspected FH slewing bearing

    Investigate the product technology and quality control process of FH slewing bearing
  • 2021.4SKF (China) inspected FH slewing bearing

    Investigate the comprehensive strength and brand influence of FH
  • 2020Xuzhou Quality Award Honorary Title

    This is the region's highest honor for a product
  • 2019China Construction Machinery Quality Credit Guarantee Supplier

    Reliable quality and word of mouth from our customers win this honor
  • 2018Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award

    Important awards for industrial technology
  • 2017Excellent Brand in Jiangsu Machinery Industry

    Expanded brand influence, more customers choose FH slewing bearing
  • 2016The output value exceeded 130 million yuan

    The continuous increase in orders from foreign customers enables us to achieve this goal
  • 2016Become a qualified supplier of XCMG Group and Zoomlion

    Recognized by leading companies in the construction machinery industry, we are confident that we will do better
  • 2015Listed on the “New Third Board” in Beijing

    We successfully entered Listed on the “New Third Board” in Beijing
  • 2015High-speed gear milling machine put into production

    The high-speed gear milling machine was purchased and put into operation, and the production investment was continuously increased
  • 2011A forging workshop capable of producing 12,000 tons per year was completed and put into operation

    FH slewing bearing advocates grasping the quality from the source of the product to ensure that every product is qualified
  • 2006CNC transformation of workshop equipment

    The processing cycle and precision of the product have been greatly improved, and have been recognized by customers
  • 2004FH slewing bearing established

    Customer-centric, help customers' career development